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Saint Vlas

Saint Vlas is situated in the central part of the biggest Black Sea complex in the Republic of Bulgaria. This picturesque Riviera is a quiet and warm bay with golden sandy beaches, exposed to the south-west. The complex, which is 25 km long, includes the ancient town of Nessebar, recognized as a world cultural monument by UNESCO, the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach, the village of St. Vlas and the other famous holiday village Elenite. Right in that part of the Riviera the Black Sea joins with the biggest mountain in Bulgaria - Stara Planina (Old Mountain). This unique location between the mountain and the Black Sea and the wonderful climate make the resort a desired place for sea, mountain and village tourism. The resort is also a specific balneological centre and the only sea balneotherapy and mud-curing sanatorium is situated here.

The beaches of St. Vlas are about 2000 m long and 20 m wide. The weather here is warm from May to about mid-October. The relief of the place helps the breeze blow even during the hottest summer days. There about 240-260 sunny days a year.

A Thracian village, called Larissa, was founded here in the second century AD. The village is famous for its numerous monasteries and for some time in the past it was called Monastery. In the 14 th century it was named Saint Vlas after St. Vlasius, a famous healer and protector of merchants and stock-breeders. In recent years of changes in our country, St. Vlas and the resort Sunny Beach have become two of the best developing places. New and more and more attractive complexes, four and five-star hotels and cozy family houses are being built. Special efforts are being exerted on preservation of the environment and quick development of the infrastructure.

During the past years, there is a constant increase of the number of foreign tourists - about 20% - 30% growth per year. More and more foreigners prefer to invest in the area, buying real estates. An additional convenience is the fact that the resort is situated between the two biggest Bulgarian Black Sea towns - 40km away from Bourgas and 30km away from Bourgas Airport to the south, and 90km away from Varna and Varna Airport to the north.

All you need to spend your holiday in your own flat is your clothes and your personal belongings. We will take care of the rest. There are numerous restaurants, places of entertainment, aquaparks and attractions. The rich folklore, the notorious Bulgarian hospitality and the delicious menu, including traditional Bulgarian and world cuisine, the cheap prices, the guarded and safe beaches, the medical care, etc., are some of the other advantages. For example, a mug of beer in a pub costs 0.50 - 0.60 EUR and a chicken steak is 1.50 - 1.80 EUR.

The natural rise of the terrain ensures a fantastic view to the sea. However, the happiest people will be those, who will own one of the few places that still can be found right next to the beach. The infinity of the sea to the south and to the east and the majestic mountain to the north make one feel in a unique way, which is hard to be described. You just have to see it. See the Bulgarian Riviera the way you have never done it before - with the eyes of a happy owner!