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Sunny Beach center, Indian restaurant "Bombay Grill"

Adeona Residence-apartments in Bansko

Location: 5 min. walk away from the main Gondola and only 5 minutes walk away from the centre of Bansko

Facilities: -Security and video-surveillance provided
-own garden;
-1 restaurant
-one covered swimming pool
-2 saunas
-SPA centre
-tanning studio
-conference room
-children garden

Furniture is included in the price!!!

Date of completion: March, 2008

Property description: Perfect location

In the heart of Pirin Mountain there is a wonderful place with beauty which will take your breath away and powerful enough to carry all your troubles away. Bansko is 160 km away from capital of Bulgaria - Sofia and about 50 km away from the national border with Greece, on the Glazne River at an altitude of 925 m. It is precisely this altitude that makes Bansko an ideal all-seasons resort. During the winter season the majestic peaks of Pirin Mountain, reaching 2,914 m, allow for long ski runs that are suitable for all winter sports enthusiasts.

For the last few years Bansko has established as a good place for investment in real estate. The most modern ski infrastructure in Bulgaria was built, followed by a lot of hotels and apartment buildings with spa and wellness centres. Regarding all this and the location, Bansko is on its way to become the best ski-resort not only in Bulgaria, but also in Eastern Europe.

Throughout the rest of the year Bansko offers its visitors a perfect balance of temperatures and climate - spring full of unique blossoming flora; refreshing and energizing summer and golden autumn. The beautiful Pirin Mountain offers lovely opportunities for summer mountain tourism. Two modern golf-courses, consistent with the world standards, will be built for the visitors. Only 6 km from Bansko are the town of Razlog and the village of Banya (4 km) with thermal mineral springs and spa centres for treatment of lung and heart diseases. Bansko is famous for its authenticity and culture, for the Bulgarian Revival architectural style and local cuisine. Visitors of the mountain town are forever enchanted with the spirit of Bansko and they always want to come again in the crannies of Pirin Mountain, because everybody wants to be one with nature and escape the busy lifestyle.

All the above mentioned makes Bansko an all seasons resort. And exactly there we represent Adeona Residence, perfectly located in the town of Bansko - only 5-10 minutes walk away from the main gondola and only 5 minutes walk away from the centre of town Bansko. The area is quiet due to the finalised construction works around.

Harmony of traditions and comfort

Adeona Residence consists of Block A (four story 41 apartments), Block B (three story 6 apartments), Block C (three story 6 apartments) and Block D self-contained house. The complex provides flexible choice of apartments with floorage varying from 40 sq.m. up to 140 sq.m., most of them one bedroom apartments and several studios and two bedrooms apartments.

Adeona Residence welcomes you with its typical Bansko style external architecture, cleverly matched by our designer with the internal cosiness and comfort. All the apartments are fully furnished according the 4 star apartment hotels standards.

Most of the apartments have a fascinating view to the Pirin, Rila or Rodopi Mountains.

All these services and facilities make it very easy to organise the operation of the complex as Adeona Spa Hotel.

The complex was finished as follows:

Block A December 2007

Blocks B, C and D March 2008

Attractive and flexible price policy

Agenor Investment applies attractive and flexible price policy concerning Adeona Residence (including deferred payment schemes):

Ground floor 900 eur/m2 incl. VAT

First floor 950 eur/m2 incl. VAT

Second floor 1000 eur/m2 incl. VAT

Third floor 1050 eur/m2 incl. VAT

Fourth floor 1050 eur/m2 incl. VAT

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Prices start from: 41291 EUR (39325 GBP)

Studio from: 44730 EUR (42600 GBP)

1 bedroom from: 41291 EUR (39325 GBP)

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-10% - At preliminary contract
-20% one month after contract signing
-30% at "roof-ready" stage
-30% at act 15
-10% at act 16"

5% discount for 100% payment!
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