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Sunny Beach center, Indian restaurant "Bombay Grill"

Pamporovo Central Apartments

Location: The complex is located in the centre of the resort

Date of completion: 12.2007

Service charge: 10 EUR per sq. m

Property description: The developer offer to clients for 100% payments 10% discount from the sales price of each property in the complex


We sincerely advise You to hurry up and buy Your own property in this top modern and luxuriously furnished Pamporovo Central Housing Estate!

Housing estate "Pamporovo Central" is constructed in a modern alpine style and is the most stunning building just in the center of the resort complex Pamporovo. In the nearby are the big hotels "Murgavets", "Perelik" and "Orlovets". "Pamporovo Central" is based on about 300 m from the new project of constructing a cabin ski lift, connecting the "Mechi chal" and "Snejanka" peaks.

The 20 luxurious apartments offer the possibility of having comfortable stay and rest,and the beautiful view to the "Snejanka" peak will make you dream The high quality materials used are according to all the European standarts and requirements. The housing estate have modern restaurant, elevator and serving underground parking lot. For your own convenience you are able to use the administrative services of the municipality which is in the same building.


Spanish terracotta

Faience with frieze elements

Moisture insulation KNAUF

PVC joinery work - imitation of wood material

Thermal insulation - extruded foam polystyrene "FIBRAN"

Panorama terrace

Modern restaurant


Underground parking lot.


floor laminated parquet

walls plaster + latex paint

ceiling plaster + latex paint


floor terracotta

walls faience, hang up ceiling

sanitary equipment + sanitary faience

Living room/bedrooms:

laminated parquet;

walls and ceiling, painted with latex;

aluminum joinery series E40


Kitchen box:

floor terracotta;

walls latex paint;

ceiling - latex paint;

Inside doors of MDF

Front doors

Assembled installation for cable TV

Cable Internet

Fire and signal protective alarm equipment

Option for telephone one or two telephone lines.

The Rhodope Mountain is well known for its exquisite beauty, charm and the wisdom it radiates. According to the Greek mythology The Rhodope Mountain is the birthplace of Orpheus and Euridica. The mountain is composed of multitude of mountain chains and it is the greatest mountain at the territory of the Balkan Peninsula. It is situated at Southern Europe and more specifically in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Some of its territory occupies the territory of Bulgaria and the rest of it is in Northern Greece. This part of the Rhodope Mountain which is also known as Mid Rhodopes has for its administrative center the city of Smolyan which is one of the most beautiful towns in the whole country where the nature and the unique architecture are finely preserved into an unforgettable blend. The region is situated 250 km southeast of the capital of Bulgaria Sofia and 81 km Plovdiv.

The highest mountain chains lie in the Southern part of Bulgaria, which is actually the midpoint of the mountain itself. The highest peak, Big Perelik, is at 2191 meters above sea level. This part of the mountains is extremely beautiful. Unlike other bigger European mountains like the Alps, for example, the mountain chains there are slanting, they smoothly unfold in all directions and the climate is not at all severe. Century-old spruce forests grow at the highest parts of the mountain and beech and pine trees occupy the lower parts. The views which spread out from the highest points of the mountain are really overwhelming. The climate there is mild. All the four seasons are normally distributed throughout the year. The summer there is cool and calm and the average temperature is of 19 C. The winter is long but mild too as the influence of the Mediterranean climate is felt a lot. The winds in the Rhodopes are not strong. There is snow for about 120 and 170 days a year. The snow heaps up to 1-1,5 meters at the locations where the level above the sea reaches 1000 meters. The average temperature in the winter is about 5 C under zero and the sunny days are over 60 at that time, and for the whole year the sunny days make up more than 200 which characterizes the Rhodope Mountain as one of the sunniest mountains in Europe. Having in mind all these things, together with the clean and fresh air (as the heavy industry is not very developed there), the mountain attracts many tourists who are coming back to this paradise year after year.

The VAT is not included.

All apartments are completely finished and with furnishing included in the price.

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Prices start from: 17320 EUR (16495 GBP)

Studio from: 17320 EUR (16495 GBP)

1 bedroom from: 43688 EUR (41608 GBP)

Download complete pricelist in PDF format

Payment plan:
2000 EURO reservation
80% at preliminary contract
20% at property transfer
Payment plan 10% discount
2000 deposit (reservation fee) for 20 worker days
100% - of the sales price, one month from the deposit

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As such it is accepted by the client that Homes 4U Bulgaria can not be held responsible
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