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350. St Atanass Day 18 January

News BG: 2009-01-18

Name day for: Atanas, Atanaska (like our Atanas, night guard at Buy & Sell Bulgarias office, who also has a birthday). Happy Name day Nasko and Many Happy Returns!

On January 18 the Orthodox Church honors St. Atanasii The Great, who lived from 293/ 298 until 373. Atanass Day is a holiday connected with the New Years rites. According to the Christian beliefs St. Atanas is the ruler of snow and ice. Dressed in a silk shirt he ascends the mountain riding his white horse and exclaims: Go away, winter, come again, summer! Thats why this holiday is also known as the Mid-winter. Atanass Day is a holiday of the blacksmiths, ironmongers, cutters and shoeing smiths as well as a holiday of the illnesses. This day is observed to show respect to the pest and other contagious diseases, which are called with the taboo name sweet and honey ones. The winter Day of St. Athanasius is also known as Midwinter or the Pests Day. The second name is connected with the belief that the pest was born at that time. After the Day of St. Athanasius healers went to the villages to exterminate people. Therefore early in the morning each woman would bake a small flat loaf of bread and three small ring-shaped buns. The flat bread is decorated with two dogs, who are keeping the people from the pest.

349. Kavarna City Centre open for business

Sofia Echo: 2009-01-16

Kavarna has a new trade-administrative complex Kavarna City Centre, which started operating from January 2009. It had taken a little more than a year for Planex OOD to reconstruct and modernise the otherwise unappealing, communist-era concrete monster of a building in the centre of the town, and subsequently transform it into a modern steel and aluminium-glass structure, which has now become the new administrative and business centre of Kavarna and the surrounding region, Bulgarian weekly Strotelstvo Gradut reported on January 15.

Within the complex, Makao, the largest supermarket in the vicinity, is already operational, alongside a wide array of sport stores, toy shops, electronics shops, cafeterias, souvenir shops and clothing stores, as well as an Alpha Bank branch that will open within the facility by the end of the month.

Kavarna City Centre has a total area of 12 700 square metres, and currently there are vacant offices on offer of 60 to 150 square metres, and shops of 25 to 200 square metres, as well as a parcel meant for a restaurant and a facility meant for a nightclub. The complex comes equipped with a parking lot with a capacity for 100 vehicles.

The main investor in the project, whose cost is said to be a total of 10 million leva, was Planex; management of the site has been allocated to PLH Invest, an investment company in the Planex Holding Group.

348. Five Billionaires in Bulgaria

News BG: 2009-01-15

There are 10 000 millionaires in Bulgaria, "Standart" reports. There are at least five people who are believed to be billionaires. Worldwide the millionaires are around 10 million.

A query held by the investment company "Meryl Lynch" showed the regions with the biggest number of millionaires are Latin America, The Middle East and Eastern Europe.

In Bulgaria official statistics data is still missing. In the USA the results from the Forbes magazine are often used for such kinds of lists.

347. Excitement in "Sunny Beach"

News BG: 2009-01-14

Excitement is observed on construction sites in the last days in the tourist complex "Sunny Beach".

After at the end of the year construction was suspended and no objects functioned, there are now at least 20 constructions, which are being worked on, a check-up of news.bg found out.

Some of the entrepreneurs are carrying out planned repairs before the start of the summer season, but others work on objects, which are in a beginning stage of construction.

According to people in the industry, in the last weeks banks have decided to give credits to the most reliable clients and projects, which they consider profitable.

This is a breeze of fresh air for entrepreneurs, who collapsed in the end of the year.

346. Sozopols new golf facilities and gambling venues to attract wealthy tourists

Frog News: 2009-01-13

In 2009 the local government of the Black Sea resort Sozopol will make efforts to attract wealthy tourists. The resort will take part in the international tourist exchange in Finland from January 15 to 18. This travel forum is expected to draw over 85 000 visitors, of whom 16 000 are connected to travel companies and organizations. Sozopol will take part in another forum in Israel in February. Luxury complexes, cultural and historical heritage, casinos and other entertainment venues will mostly be featured. After gambling was outlawed in Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon many Israeli tourists started to travel to Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. There are 4-5 casinos in Sozopol with plans to build more in the future. Sozopol will also be promoted in Russia, Romania and Kazakhstan. According to deputy mayor of Sozopol Simeon Simeonov Kazakh tourists are among the richest in the world. There are also plans to build three golf courses in the area of the resort. The municipality is looking for investors. For convenience, there will be an airport with a 1800-m runway for small planes in the vicinity.

345. Bulgaria celebrates 146 years from the birth of Aleko Konstantinov

News BG: 2009-01-12

The celebration of the 146th anniversary from the birth of the writer Aleko Konstantinov is starting in Svishtov with a charity concert.

Pianist Professor Vladimir Radulov will present a jazz recital, organized by the International foundation "Aleko Konstantinov". The funds will be given for the restoration of the temple "St. st. Cyril and Methodius". The church has been built through donations in 1872, but was demolished during the catastrophic earthquake in Svishtov in 1977.

Local businessmen started the initiative for the restoration of the temple. They are joined by the "Aleko Konstantinov" foundation, which works on the preservation of cultural-historical heritage and spiritual growth of the Danube town.

Through the funds, acquired during charity activities, organized in the years, the foundation helped the restoration of the cathedral temple "Holy Trinity", memorial of architecture, built by the famous master Kolio Ficheto.

Part of the funds is regularly being given for stipends to gifted people from Svishtov.

344. Forbes Magazine to be published in Bulgarian

Sofia Echo: 2009-01-11

The world-famous magazine Forbes arrives in Bulgaria. The first edition of Forbes Bulgaria is expected to be released in October 2009.

The Bulgarian publisher will be Attica Media, also the publisher of Playboy and Maxim, "Capital" reports.

Forbes Bulgaria's content will include 60 percent Bulgarian business articles and 40 % translated materials from the American version. The first edition of the magazine will be released in 30 000 copies.

American magazine Forbes is famous for its lists of the world's richest people, the world's most influential people, etc.

One of the favorite mottos of the business magazine founder, Bertie Charles, was: Selling advice, can win you much more than following it".

343. New housing complex to sprout in Plovdiv

Sofia Echo: 2009-01-10

Plovdiv-based property developer and investor Yazov announced it will break ground on January 5 2009 on a 21-building residential complex in Bulgaria's third largest city.

The project, named Sky Buildings is valued at 50 million euro, according to the investor.

The buildings, set to rise on a 3.2 hectares plot, will house homes, shops, eateries, spa centres and cinema halls.

Thirty per cent of the total area will be gardens and childrens playgrounds.

The complex is set for completion in March 2013.

342. Bulgarian yoghurt made in China

Sofia Echo: 2009-01-08

Starting from the beginning of 2009, Chinese Bright Dairy & Food Company Ltd will manufacture a new sweetened yoghurt called Momchilovtsi, the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on January 7 2009.

The company has launched an aggressive marketing campaign underlining the fact that Bulgaria is a country where people live long lives amid a beautiful and clean natural environment. The product is named after the village of Momchilovtsi in the Rhodope Mountain, which in recent years has become a popular tourist destination because of its picturesque surroundings, clean air and unique atmosphere.

To produce the Momchilovtsi label, China imports from Bulgaria Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the lactobacterium L99, which is widespread in the country's latitude zone. It induces natural milk-acid fermentation, which leads to the yoghurt formation. The bacterium was first discovered and introduced in 1905 by Stamen Grigorov, a Bulgarian studying medicine in Geneva.

Momchilovtsi yoghurt will be first distributed in eastern China and later throughout the entire country. On larger packages there is introductory information saying that in Bulgaria, a small country in the south-east Europe, there is a mountain which is home to a mysterious and beautiful village. People there live long and happy lives. Many generations have grown accustomed to making their own yoghurt and consuming it on a daily basis.

341. Bulgaria celabrate Ivan's Day

New BG: 2009-01-07

January 7 IVAN'S DAY Holiday of Ivan, Ivanka, Ivailo, Vanyo, Vanya, Yonko, Yonka, Yoto, whose names mean "God's blessing". On this day the men perform the so-called "Ivanovstvo" rite - become fellow brothers and as a vow they step in the glowing embers with their right bare foot. From this day on their wives become fellow sisters.

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